Investment Approach

Janus Fundamental Equity


We have been helping our clients reach their financial goals for more than 45 years. We are focused on bottom-up, fundamental equity investing with our global sector research platform at the heart of our investment process. Our in-depth company and industry research provides us with independent and differentiated insights that allow us to invest with confidence and conviction. Our investment culture is one of open exchange, collaboration and debate and is closely aligned with our mission of achieving better client outcomes through the disciplined pursuit of independent ideas. Today, we serve investors around the world through our broad offering of U.S. and global equity strategies, each with the goal of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns over time.


We believe taking a bottom-up, fundamental approach and investing with conviction where we identify unique insights will result in superior long-term risk-adjusted returns. We also believe that we have a unique investment culture and our relentless drive to know the industries and companies in which we invest, coupled with our measured stock selection process, sets us apart as equity investors.

Investor’s Culture

  • 45+ years of independent, active investing
  • World-class investment talent with proven expertise
  • Culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • Performance-driven compensation encourages consistent, long-term results aligned with investor interests
  • Analysts are highly valued as an integral part of the investment team

Deep Company Knowledge

  • Relentless pursuit of knowledge to uncover what makes a company “tick”
  • More than research: Analysts are immersed in their industry
    • Localized experts provide a global perspective
    • Global perspective and unlimited reach 
    • Dedicated in-house survey team delivers unique insights and data
  • Analysts’ high conviction ideas become portfolio positions

Stock Selection Drives Results

  • Deliberate active share
  • Unwavering focus on consistency and risk-adjusted returns
  • Target 80% buy-rated stocks, no sell-rated stocks owned
  • Risk Management is integrated in the process
  • Localized experts provide a global perspective
    • Systematic risk analysis through eQuantum, proprietary portfolio construction tool
    • Dedicated in-house survey team delivers unique insights and data
    • Seek outperformance through the intelligent use of risk